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Behind the camera

Hibari is a 25 year old Raen, born in Norvandt at Holminster Switch. She’s the eldest daughter with three younger sisters. Her parents died in the light warden attack in Holminster. She became a courtesan in Eulmore to make ends meet for herself and younger sisters. Upon her release from her contract in Eulmore she moved her family to Kugane where she learned the art of Geisha.

After a year she finally got her family to Eorzea where she’s been a dancer both in and out of combat. Hibi will usually have a flower in her hair in memory of her mother who taught her the art of dance.

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RP Hooks 💋

Mature: Submissive, rare switch, 18+
Casual Role Play: Dancer in and out of combat and enjoys discussing her family or the crystal club scene.


Occupation: Courtesan
Hobbies: Photography, Content, Clubbing
Race: Raen
Sexuality: Heteroflexible
Relationship Status: Single and not looking.

Build: Athletic
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Eye color: (R) Teal and (L) Pink
Hair color: Platinum blonde with light pink highlights.